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summer bliss.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Part 2 of 2012 in a post
 August: Recognize Studio Recital!! Thanks Tina for chance to do this recital with this INSANE group of people. Super fun!! Glad that our what apps chat did not die off after recital. I wanna dance with you guys again. Vol 2 we must join recital again (: WangQin, no mental patients anymore please. We all want slutty and sexy. Although i had lots of fun being crazy and retard on stage. haha. 

September: SUAD with MJ!!! Super fortunate to choreograph a piece with Alex Yip (: Thanks for doing our "slutty" NEYO item. I love working with all my item dancers. Thanks for always willing to try the weirdest stuff i asked and baring with the annoying IN YOUR EYES song haha. Hope you all learn something from me. I did learn so much just by watching you all dance and perform. (: Till then. We will all dance on stage together again. DANTITUDE is coming!! 

December:  DANZATION. It was a bittersweet occasion. Sweet because, I am so proud of my 15 little summers (: Thanks for making my vision into a reality. Super honored to be able to choreography a piece and contribute back to NRA, the place where i started dancing. I am super delighted to be able to give back to the club and in return i got to know 15 awesome dancers (: Truly, jubilant!! Thanks for being willing to try out my "unusual" style. It is not the typical style that NRA classes offer. I am happy to share with the 15 of you. Keep shinning with desire and always OWN THE NIGHT in whatever you venture into. 

CAPTIVE. My group final 225 film assignment. I cannot embedded it here for some reason. Click the link below and watch. (:


I am super thankful for my all those helped this film in someway or another. A big shout out to STACEY and CASH being such great actor and actress. Super sorry for burning so much of your time due to shooting and all. Super grateful! Kudos. (:  Thanks SEVEN CREW for dancing this wedding dress choreography for my school film. First time, i am "forced" to make the choreography MANLY if not they say will spoil their image. haha. Thanks for helping to edit the dance. The final product look awesome. Next, i wanna thank my group mates. Thanks for being willing to do a dance film. I know you all do not have to agree to it. I really wanna end my com225 journey with a dance film. haha. Thanks for editing and doing the crazy animation. You guys rocks!! DESMOND, JAYNE,ZHIHUI,IVY (: i dun think we have a group name to begin with.

I shall end the post with clubbing pictures (: I wanna club with all these various group of friends again.

Saving the most important for the last my FAMILY!!! 
See everyone are crazily happy.

 More wonderful memories in 2013!! Can't wait (:

AND my students at UBI dance school. (: i am happy to be able to share there.  Love the collabo with MAY MAY (: I love dancing with people. Sadly, is only a GOUPON deal. 3 months and that's it. At least, i had fun. The K POP deal is ending soon too. 

K POP!! Something i tried this year. (: I usually only dance to English songs cause i have to teach. No choice must choreograph to Korean song. haha  K POP's rather fun. (:

tata 2012. hello 2013.

1:08 AM

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 2012: In a blink of an eye, it's over!

I been negating this blog for a really long time. Suddenly, i have the urge to pen something down. Perhaps, i should summarized my 2012 moments in a post. (:    
January: i turned 23rd. (: Always honored to have BATTERY celebrating it for me. My life would not be complete without them. Super glad that we still meet up often even after secondary school. The group picture was taken during our 2011's December Batam trip. We need to travel together again someday!
February: I taught my first official batch of students. Although it was just a choreography job for a small musical in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, i had fun piecing up the items for them. Supper happy that i can shared my love for dance with the next generations (:

Next, memorable moments in February through March was STEREOVISION impressario competition. I am so proud of the 6 of them. They are the FIRST group that i mentored and coached fully by myself. Thanks for willing to do my "unusual" style in a competition. I was so ecstatic when they were crowned 3rd in that competition. Never ever self-doubt in yourself, i know you guys can deliver and perform. (: Love you guys so much. Keep dancing and improving.

March: Filmed my first MTV for a school assignment. Super thankful for the NRA dancers for their earnest help. I am really grateful. All of you were so good in the video. Thanks for doing my "weird" choreography. I am happy that the MTV turned out well. Click and watch (:  

Next was JDC. I had so much fun with FEELING SLUTS. ( i cannot remember, what's our real group name is. But i am sticking to this fun name that we gave our self. haha) Thanks for being part of my MJ journey. I love each and everyone of you guys.  Loving all the teamwork and cheering for one and another. Thanks VAN and HUITING for the item. Hope we did justice to your choreography (:

April: SUPER 24!!! I am so proud of be part of MAJOR CREW and this competition. Learn so much from eveyone. Glad that i tried a style that is not my forte and really out of my comfort zone. I hope to explore more so that i can be a better and stronger dancer. Thanks MJ for always giving me a chance to do stuff and style like that. I love challenging and pushing myself.

June to July: WKW FOC 2012. I am so excited when i was asked to choreograph my school FOC dance. I always wanted to do my part for WKW.  Finally, there a chance to do so. I knew that i wanted it to be different from the typical "macarana" kind of FOC dance. Hence, i chose a clubbing song. WE RUN THE NIGHT! Hope all the freshmen find it fresh and hyped. I had so much fun sharing and teaching this dance piece with my fellow schoolmates. As usual, it is my "eccentric" style. haha

4:08 AM

Sunday, May 23, 2010

i need to blog. i need an outlet.
will i pull through?
i m damn anxious n nervous abt it.
tml is the day.
first time in my life i felt so vulnerable.
exams, deadline, performances, competitions also not so stress. :(

must have faith. believe. i can do it.
i must overcome my fear and myself.
jia u (:

mindfuck myself!!! have faith!!!!!

ps: felt abit better after blogging it out. (:
lady luck bless me. i need it.

10:03 PM

Sunday, January 03, 2010


happy new year peeps. (:
it's been awhile since i last blogged.
so much stuffs happened in 2009.
i have got tons n tons of pic to blog abt.

stay tune. shall update this area soon.


7:17 PM

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aunt's Wedding
busy day yesterday..
congrets (:

super long never photoshop n cam whore le..
i think my skills like rusty liao haha..
damn bored today.. need to book in more sian haha
random stuff: i love my purple outfit for the dinner haha..
is like semi-formal. super dance-cy. haha
miss dancing alot..
i think i deprove like fuck.
army sucks. hai.

1:54 PM

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Wondering how come i can twit , facebook etc when in camp? cause i bought this little guy and opted for the mobile internet plan.

damn worth it (i feel la). of course it is abit loser without the camera. but yeah! i think is a great phone for forced solider like me. haha


just feel like blogging something random. haha.

nope, i m not posting picz of me without hair and looking like coal. Actually most of my closer friends would have already seen me wfout hair n looking like coal. haha. plus fb also got pic tagged by other peeps. so yeah.

peace out. see u in a week time. (:

4:05 PM

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

set up a account just to rant in camp haha
army seriously sux.
Goanna update all my camp craps @ www.twitter.com/summerbliss
follow me if u want to (:
preparing to book. sian.

9:59 PM

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

my first suntec group. (:
It's been a wonderful journey. i m really honored and proud to be part of RS.
Thanks for all the memories, be it good or bad, sweet or bitter.
I love every single RS moments dearly. It's kind of sad that our journey has to end like that.
But, i am sure everyone did their best and had gained something from the whole experience. We have grew stronger and better as a team. Perhaps, RS will be back for funka?? Time will tell. (:

RS: audition round
Cheroed abit of walka talka. (:
first time tried my hands on cheroing. Hmmm, kind of tough.
The teaching and cleaning was the worse. totally no confident to teach n drill ppl haha..
learned smth out fm this whole experience. haha. hope i will chero smth better and can teach n clean ppl better next time haha. :X jia u summer (:

RS: heats
Arhh!! This round was my most guilty round :( sorry RS. made u all look bad on stage.
really lucky to made it through . i was fucking nervous and i forget like 4 counts on stage. damn!!
the next few days was filled wf remorse and guilt. damn upset wf myself.

RS: Semi-finals

i guess this is our most emotional round. Luck was not on our side. :(
Remember, we always have each other (: I am sure everyone will be there for anyone.
jia you RS!! To me, this is our best round cause i can feel you all on stage. I am lucky to have you peeps cause it takes away all my nervous so i did not blank out on stage. thankz peeps.
if not i will b super fucking guilty again. :X
i really did enjoyed dancing on stage wf u all tt day. That feeling is really nice.

once a member of RS, always a memeber of RS (: love u peeps.

THANKZ leen,limin,jamie,mikhail,lester,xiaobei and jump jump.(haha)
i have learned alot fm your all.
thankz for all the dope dope RS cheros u all came out wf.
i m really lucky to b able to dance them (:
i like every single RS cheros cuz is full of love for RS. (:

also MANY THANKZ to orange and jaei for their HIT THAT chero.
and also xuan feng for his britney chero (: although we never use it. hai :(
but i believe one day RS will dance tt chero.
thankz for all your help. RS loves u all too (: hope to work wf u all again.

THANKZ jiajun for his music mix.
haha without your help our mr music man (lester) will headache lor haha

THANKZ ann for her advise and concern for our group (:
thankz for putting us together for tt talk after the audition period and the words of wisdom after the semi. thankz for always being there for RS. (:

lasty, thankz to everyone that supported,cheered,clapped,screamed... for RS (:
thankz for all the encouraging comments. you made our day.
RS will b back someday. i m quite sure.

end of my suntec chapter. time to start a new chapter in life.

-_-" boo!!

2:26 AM

Monday, August 31, 2009



will i regret?
should i or should i not??

fuck! i can't me optimistic anymore.

11:43 PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


just got a tattoo (:
*wink* hahaha


1:24 AM